6 thoughts on “Great Spotted Woodpecker At My Window”

  1. I looked at photos on Google and not all of them seem to feature the buff color on the breast and forehead. Is this sex, age, or regional variation?


  2. Thank you! I buy the suet balls for the birds. (There’s birdseed in them too. Blackbirds often sit around under the balls and pick up the seeds as they fall.) But I have been known to make suet-based puddings for human consumption.


  3. Or could it be seasonal variation? Doesn’t seem to be sex at any rate. This bird is a female as she lacks a red spot on her neck.


  4. Just catching on some of your earlier missives. Great entertainment over cold winters in interior Alaska: watching the several kinds of woodpeckers, chickadees, and Canada jays demolish the column of beef suet (encased in a chicken wire tube). But, something not experienced before in 50 years watching is the sight of a male hairy woodpecker teaching his young (3 last summer) how to feed from a seed feeder with a narrow, slippery plastic ledge. Much squawking and angst; but, eventually, they all learned how to hang upside down and munch on black oil sunflower seeds. 🙂


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