Harry Martinson Talk


The Swedish Skeptics have received the 2012 Harry Martinson Memorial Prize from his birth municipality Olofström and the Harry Martinson Society. Martinson, a Nobel laureate, was a poet and prose writer who is particularly well known for his book-length science fiction epic poem Aniara. As chairman of the Swedish Skeptics I was invited down to Blekinge province where I spent Friday looking at archaelogy and doing some metal detecting with my colleague Mikael Henriksson from the County Museum — and on Saturday morning I delivered an acceptance speech and a talk (in Swedish) on Martinson’s relationship to science and popular enlighenment.


4 thoughts on “Harry Martinson Talk

  1. Congratulations on an excellent speach! You really manage to fullfill the role of a true “folkbildare” and you connect a very wide context to the occasion. Everyone who understands Swedish should be given an opportunity to listen to this. In a simple way you have explained what true scientific and true humanistic understanding really is. I have never heard a more clear or simpler explanation on these matters.



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