Birger’s Friday Link Roundup

  • “Early Clovis knew their land and stone” — Of course they bloody did! Finding a site with good obsidian would have been like striking oil today. People would have kept track of the site, and traded with far-off communities.
  • For humans who want to make more random (or at least thoroughly scrambled) choices, try this advice: “LSD is good for you, say Norway researchers
  • Alpine archaeology reveals high life through the ages 
  • Something for the First Nations and other aboriginal Americans: “Getting here from there: Mitochondrial genome clarifies North American migration models
  • More baddies emerging from “close-mooths”. “Zombies hit central Stockholm
  • Scroll past half the comments –- on the awful film Sol — to reach the comments on the film Prometheus by Aard regular blakestacey. “What was that?” “I don’t know. Let’s split up to investigate!” Yes, that always works.


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