January Pieces Of My Mind #2

  • One reason that it’s so hard to talk to believers about alternative medicine: the sharing of alt-med advice is largely a social, friendship-reinforcing activity. It’s not just irrelevant to believers, but quite rude, to question the medical efficacy of someone’s advice. This is not the case when you’re talking about tax forms or sewing machines.
  • Amazes me to think how varied and nutritious food we have in rich countries. All year round I can pretty much afford to eat whatever I want. And I’m not anywhere near being rich.
  • I’m happy to do stuff for people. Just don’t expect me to remember if you ask me by Facebook messenger.
  • Tiny but satisfying career step today. An invoice from Stockholm uni reached Umeå uni in time before my temp contract with the latter ends. This means that I can take a short pedagogics course at SU. Which is required for habilitation. Which will improve my employability.
  • Big job interview a month from now. Exciting!
  • Another piece of racist propaganda posted by a rural metal detectorist who’s Fb-friended me. Actually kind of neat how it encapsulates the Racist Party voter’s worldview. It’s a ladder with a bunch of birds in the Swedish colours sitting on the rungs. The top rung has the “Governent, public service and the media”, which shits on the Immigrants sitting on the second rung, who shit on the People (because as we all know, no immigrant can ever be a member of the Swedish People), who shit on Pensioners, the Ill, the Unemployed and the Homeless.
  • One good basis for a marriage is a mutual sense that your spouse is out of your league.
  • Dear rural uneducated unemployed man, I really can understand your sense of powerlessness, your anger, your suspicion of urban intellectuals and politicians and immigrants. But because of your on-line utterances and your politics, I feel deep in my heart that you are just a sad fart who actually deserves to be powerless and forgotten.
  • Nobody builds rental apartments in Stockholm. Because a rent cap makes it unprofitable. The cap is intended to keep the city from becoming a rich-people ghetto. How do we solve this problem?
  • Tiresome exhibition at the Stockholm Military Museum: about what gets chosen for preservation in museums and who has the power to make that call. Sure, museum curators have an on-going debate about those issues. But making a meta-exhibition about it is just narcissism. Museum goers really don’t care.
  • Baking bread. Showed the bowl to Jrette and told her, “Baby, you can tell all the kids at school that your dad has more dough than any of their dads.”

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

56 thoughts on “January Pieces Of My Mind #2”

  1. None. I never thought to ask her.

    She’s elderly now, but her mind is still OK. My daughter has just flown down to Melbourne to do post-grad and will be meeting her for the first time – I will ask my daughter to ask her.

    Meanwhile I will interrogate my favourite female cousin via electronic mail. She might know where her Swedish grandparents came from. If anyone will know, she will.

    I will also ask what her maiden name was. I have heard it before – I do remember it was one of those …….son names.


  2. I have heard back from my cousin. Sadly it was all a lie – a figment of my mother’s delusional mind. I always thought she was off her head, and this is proof. My cousin was laughing, because all of her ancestors were British. She said the closest she comes to being Swedish is that she had a great great uncle who sailed on a Swedish sailing ship.

    Now I am wondering just how many other things my mother told me that were just the product of a delusional mind. I did realise quite young that she wasn’t quite right in the head, but hadn’t realised she was that deluded.

    Fortunately she didn’t pass it on to me and I’m eminently sane and normal (twitch twitch).

    Not my sister, though – she’s a raving loony.


  3. My ancestry is mostly Danish, but two of my great-grandparents were Swedish. My aunt, who was into genealogy, tracked down the relatives. IIRC, they are/were in the Sundsvall area.

    I haven’t been to that part of Sweden, only Stockholm and Uppsala (and of course the stretch of the E4 in between, which includes the Arlanda airport–the rail line was under construction at the time).


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