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  1. Almost 20 per cent of Australian honey samples found to not be pure.

    Getting sick of this shit.

    Never mind that China has a massive problem with food security – 100% of honey from New Zealand is fake. 10 times more Manuka honey is sold that is actually producted. Why in hell is a country like Australia importing honey from China anyway? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

    Only safe buys for honey in Australia are Western Australian and South Australian products. Any of the others could have fake ingredients. They should have published brands found to be fake, but won’t, despite saying that additives could have adverse health implications. Something wrong with that ethically.

    Globally, food safety is becoming a very big issue – needs traceability from producer to consumer using block chain technology.


  2. I am confused -not an uncommon condition, but *this* confusion pertains to which thread to use.
    September open thread is open, but also september-ish, and I just watched the first snowflakes fall outside the office.
    – – –
    I checked out some “controversial” verses from the quran and hadith and *$£holy shit*!
    I know 99.99% of muslims don’t think about those verses in their daily life, and mostly don’t even know about their existence, just as jews and christians don’t know about some of the bad stuff of the Old Testament.
    But I have known about the Old Testament stuff for years, and coming into contact with these other scriptures is a bit like watching Mel Gibson doing a drunken rant. “N*ggers!” “Jews!”


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