Open Thread For August

My grandpa’s grandpa, the first Rundkvist, was born five years before Selma Lagerlöf at Svenserud, just a few kilometres from her native Mårbacka.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

378 thoughts on “Open Thread For August”

    1. Yes, and I use that too, but for stuff that I want to isolate from the Internet for security reasons (like work, which I am required to keep strictly confidential and secure), I prefer to use my own hard drives.

      Daughter won’t use iCloud. She is very suspicious. Of everything.

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      1. Her opinions on things would probably strike most people as very severe and uncompromising, and not a little strange. She’s ‘safe’, though – she abhors any kind of prejudice, harassment or violence. In that respect, she’s uncompromisingly and severely ‘safe’.

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    2. She actually regrets now having been genotyped, because 23andMe have retained her data, and she doesn’t trust them to keep her data strictly confidential and anonymous forever.

      I think she worries too much, but she thinks I’m dumb.

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  1. Advocacy for cannibalism is gaining favour among Social Science academics, who claim it has health benefits (but whatever you do, don’t eat the brains – I said that, not them – if you want to know why, look up “kuru (disease)”), plus it’s a solution to over population (!!!) and feeding the growing global population – don’t bury or cremate the corpses, eat them. But saying it’s a solution to over population necessarily means killing people in order to eat them, although they don’t seem to say that outright.

    They’re raving loonies, but they get away with it because they’re Social Science academics, who these days are all post-modernists who believe there is no objective reality, so it’s OK.


    1. Maybe they’re right – maybe there is no objective reality. But even if all reality is subjective, I still don’t want to farm people, slaughter them and eat them. Even if they do taste like pork.
      Also, I agree with your daughter – I don’t use the Cloud and never will, but I do back up everything onto portable hard drives. Remember the “good” old days when you had to back up to floppy disks?


      1. Yeah, I back up everything on portable hard drives, even though everything that I store in the iCloud is backed up there as well.

        Oh, floppy disks; don’t remind me. Were we really ever that primitive? Yes, we were. When I got my first PC, I had to buy all of the software I wanted to run on floppy disks, including all of the kid’s stuff that I wanted to get for my daughter, like Reader Rabbit. No Internet then. I was a bit optimistic, though. When she was 2, I used to sit her on my knee and run Reader Rabbit, and she just didn’t get it. By the time she was 3 she did, though, and didn’t need me to run it for her either; she knew how to do that herself.

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    2. I’ve always liked Alan Sokal’s response to the kind of post-modernist who claims objective reality does not exist. In the paper where he revealed that his article “Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity” was a hoax, he invited anyone who thought that gravity was a social construct to transgress those boundaries from his apartment window (at least at the time, he lived on the twenty-first floor). To my knowledge he never had anybody take him up on the offer.

      Farmed long pig has all sorts of nasty ethical issues: everything involved in farm-raised meat and then some. I don’t see how you do it without getting into Soylent Green territory.

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