My Cancelled or Postponed Events

A dynamically updated list of cancelled or postponed events where I was planning on participating.

  • Nacka district court’s layman judge association, annual business meeting & lecture.
  • Fantastika scifi convention. I was on two panels and was giving a talk about NMK.
  • Game night.
  • Royal Armoury’s appointment-only library, research visit.
  • Nacka Social Democrats, annual business meeting.
  • Wikimedia Sweden, annual business meeting and seminar.
  • Östergötland County Museum’s friends association, me speaking about my Viking Halls project.
  • Continued training for layman judges.
  • Local school administration and education board politicians, seminar.
  • Kai’s 54th birthday party. With alleged waffles.
  • Municipal school board’s monthly meeting.
  • LinCon 2020 gaming convention. I was supposed to give a talk on NMK.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

13 thoughts on “My Cancelled or Postponed Events”

      1. I have not had energy to blog about it while I am hip deep in revisions and possible index headings, maybe after the March job applications and the manuscript have been sent? It is the book version of my PhD thesis from a well-known German academic press. I chose a middle path in revising it between ‘rewrite from scratch’ and ‘just fix the typos and the problems that the reviewers noted’ (I found a cool Japanese site report that had to go in chapter 5: the perspective of archaeology!)

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  1. I haven’t had anything cancelled yet (mainly because I currently have nothing on my calendar), but this afternoon my university announced that after next week’s spring break (regularly scheduled week of no classes), all courses will be online for at least two weeks (23 March to at least 3 April). External events on campus are also cancelled for that period. The university itself will still be open, and students who would otherwise have to travel to places where they would have to self-quarantine upon return can arrange to stay in the dorms, but other students are being instructed to stay away until 5 April, and bring all textbooks and other needed materials with them when they leave for spring break.

    If you were planning anything in the US in the next 30 days, you will have to cancel that, too. Last night Trump unilaterally shut down all US-Schengen travel (except for US citizens and permanent residents) for 30 days. Too late: there is already community transmission in the US.


  2. Are you at one of the US universities where students have to stay in the dorms but they are not real apartment on a 4/8/12 month lease, they have to go somewhere else during the breaks (and sometimes summer)? Those seem so weird to me, but I am a book person so I can’t live out of a wheeled bag.


    1. Living on campus is not mandatory here, and many students do live off campus. Most students in dorms do have to leave between semesters, and definitely for summer as the dorms are used for housing for summer camps (tech, sports, music, etc.). But we do have a significant contingent of international students, who can make arrangements to stay during periods when dorms are closed to most students. Even under normal circumstances travel to some of their home countries–in particular China, whence comes the largest contingent–for periods of a week or less is impractical, often because of visa issues. In an era were the US is blanket banning foreign nationals who have travelled to certain countries in the past 14 days, international students effectively cannot travel during breaks.

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  3. So far:

    Work is work-from-home, so a fair chunk of expected social interaction is now online-only
    This weekend’s game is likely to be online-only, so a fair chunk of…
    Just got an email from Immigration New Zeeland, related to July/August’s planned WorldCon visit. Hopefully things calm down by then.
    New screen/keyboard arriving probably today (see “work-from-home”, laptop is fine for short stints, not ideal for full day).

    I might noodle another chapter in my seemingly never-ending online short story serial. I might take “large screen” advantage and try to knock out a few more pages of my fechtbuch translation (strictly speaking, it’s not a fechtbuch, it’s a fäktbok). And I may try to see how much data I can gather, purely on-line, for a book project I’ve trying to ignore for about 18 months.

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  4. This evening, just two hours after going to mandatory work-from-home, the president of my university announced that in-person classes were cancelled for the rest of the semester. They are also saying that it may be necessary to cancel the graduation ceremony, which normally falls on the Saturday before the Memorial Day weekend.

    My Ph.D. alma mater has also announced that no decision has been made on whether they will have commencement. That university is on a different calendar, with their graduation coming well into June.


    1. If you are getting waffles, you are getting more than I’m getting. I love waffles. I might put the hard word on my wife to make some. Warbles: I’m in the mood for waffles, simply because I want some…


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