July Pieces Of My Mind #2


  • History tells us that there used to be a midsummer celebration with a maypole on the Aska hall platform. Two days of screening and metal-detecting has turned up many low-denomination copper coins, all from the period 1805 to 1909.
  • I love the sound of trowelling in the morning. It sounds like… victory.
  • This is my eighth excavation with students. 1997, Barshalder, Early Roman Period. 2005, Skamby, Pre-Roman & Viking Periods. 2008, Sättuna, Mesolithic & Vendel Periods. 2014, Stensö & Landsjö Castles, High Middle Ages. 2015, Stensö & Landsjö Castles, High Middle Ages. 2016, Birgittas udde & Skällvik Castle, Mesolithic & High Middle Ages. 2017, Ytterby, Vendel & Viking Periods. 2020, Aska, Vendel & Viking Periods.
  • Second journal paper this year finished and submitted, ka-ching!
  • Learning basic QGIS is complicated by two facts. 1. The basic manoeuvres are hidden in a jungle of advanced functionality. 2. The whole thing is glitchy, so you can never be sure if it’s your own fault or QGIS’s when something doesn’t work.
  • Hey everyone who calls a student on the PhD programme “a PhD”. What do you call someone with a PhD degree?
  • Cousin E’s plastic boxes for Magic cards now serve as find collectors on my excavation.
  • Two seasoned field archaeologists with decades of experience, including myself, have failed to check the gauge of the screens and brought some useless 2 mm ones to our site, creating bottlenecks.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

2 thoughts on “July Pieces Of My Mind #2”

    1. I was away for a few days, so you beat me to it.

      Physicist: I’d like to work for you as a taxi driver.
      Taxi boss: What qualifications do you have?
      Physicist: I have a master’s degree in physics.
      Taxi boss: Sorry, all my drivers have PhDs.


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