515 thoughts on “Open Thread For October”

  1. Mega-droughts are coming to Australia.
    Hamish McGowan at the University of Queensland has analysed sediments from the Eemian interglacial that had a warmer climate, similar to what we are heading towards.
    Mega-droughts that last a decade or more will become more likely across southern Australia.


  2. A successful leader is one who creates a sense of “us-ness” in the group they lead, concludes the University if Queensland.
    Än example is Jacinda Arden, who took the “we’re all in this together” approach during the pandemic (unlike Bojo or Dominic Cummings who had one set of rules for the peasants and another for the rulers).


  3. Tiny mixotropic algae survived the darkness after the asteroid impact 66 million years ago by eating other organisms. After the skies cleared again after more than a year these algae served as the basis for rebuilding the ocean ecosystem, most other algae having gone extinct.


  4. Cancer immunotherapy combined with the drug plerixafor shows promise for treating tumors that previously have resisted this form if treatment.


  5. …some guy with an india-sounding name I no longer recall claims people become gay because they are possessed by ghosts.
    He gets extra points for originality.
    In a taped interview with Bob Woodward, Jared Kushner says Trump “..took the country back from the doctors”. Which is a darn good thing during a pandemic.


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