410 thoughts on “Open Thread For October”

  1. In his memoir, Peter Frampton tells how David Bowie helped him restart his career as a guitarist during Bowie’s Glass Spider Tour in 1987.
    It is interesting to see the altruistic sides of mega stars, too many turn out to be assholes once they get successful.


  2. Since having a swastika tattooed across your face may make it hard to get into clubs, neo-nazis and white supremacists use tats with numerical codes to go unnoticed except to their peees. If you meet someone with these numbers tattoed on his person, better keep a safe distance.
    88=HH= heil Hitler
    18 =AH = Adolf Hitler
    23/16= WP =White Power
    1488= a reference to so called 14 words coined by white supremacist terrorist David Lane.


    1. Oh no! I thought all those skinheads with “1488” tattooed on their foreheads were commemorating the closing of the market at the sacrificial spring of Svinnegarn!


      1. Come to think of it, there has been no noticeable exodus of Americans from HK either. I wonder why.

        More than that, while Biden has been calling Xi Jinping a “thug”(def.: Someone with an intimidating and unseemly appearance and mannerisms, who treats others violently and roughly, often for hire.), huge amounts of American money have been flooding into China, buying Chinese government bonds, because they offer a return of 3%, with little risk (there is a bit of currency risk, but not much). And huge amounts of American money have been flooding into HK as well, whenever a new IPO is launched.

        It seems like wealthy American investors are not as averse to things Chinese as the two American presidential candidates and their hangers-on.


      2. Well, that went in the wrong place.

        What is a skindhead – someone who has been scalped by Redskins? Or Anglo-Saxons?


  3. Careful – in HK you will see really a lot of swastikas (Buddhist symbol) and no. 88s (good luck in Chinese numerology) which have nothing whatever to do with Hitler or Nazis.


    1. Nazi Germany had two infamous “88’s” that ironically har nothing to do with ideology per se: the versatile twin-engined Junkers 88 (the scrouge of night bombers) and the 88 (American veterans just used the numbers as name for this gun; everyone knew what it meant).


    2. When I visited China, one of the flights I took between EWR and PEK was flight 88 (the number was 89 for the flight in the other direction). This was Continental Airlines, which has since been merged into United, so the flight was probably renumbered to something in the 800s, following United’s numbering conventions for transpacific flights. Eights are apparently considered lucky in Japan as well as China.


  4. In her lifetime, the average woman will ingest 2kg of lipstick.

    I’m wondering how they chose their sample to determine the average woman.


  5. I’m thinking that currently AOC probably digests about 2kg/week (for the aardvarchaeology censors, that was exaggeration for intended humorous effect).

    I’m also thinking that lipsticks are probably not required to meet food safety standards. The base is generally just beeswax, which is no problem, but the colourings…

    I’m also thinking that it’s pretty weird that I have never been censored on any social media in China, but I get censored on a pretty regular basis on a blog based in Sweden.


  6. The Australian federal government has warned me, as an Australian citizen, of the risk of arbitrary detention in HK, and that I should reconsider my need to remain in HK.

    Right, I’ve done that, and concluded that I need to remain in HK, on the grounds that I and my family a lot safer here than in Australia. Things got pretty nasty here last year, and some of the risks were not avoidable, but that is over.

    I have also concluded that I know a hell of a lot more about the law and its application in HK than the Australian federal government does. There are about another 100,000 Australians living here who seem to feel the same way, because they are not leaving.


  7. Huh – the London Stock Exchange is now smaller than the stock exchange in Shenzhen. 40 years ago, Shenzhen was a small fishing port and a collection of duck ponds.


    1. Give Bojo and his friends a few more years, and Londinium will return to its pre-Roman status as a fishing village…


  8. The turtle aka Mitch McConnell recently sports a bandage and discoloration on one hand, a fact that he refuses to discuss.
    This inevitably led to speculation.
    I have narrowed it down to three options.
    -The spell that keeps him going past his natural lifespan is beginning to unravel.
    -He carelessly touched a crucifix without gloves.
    -He is suffering a reaction to garlic.


  9. If you consider Pureflix (The Christian alternative to Netflix) I recommend you first watch the Youtube review “Christians Only Netflix Is Absolute Hell”


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