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  1. China’s FAST is the only giant, single-dish radio telescope after the Arecibo collapse – after closely inspecting photos of Arecibo, yes, I would say it is stuffed, there is no hope of repairing it.


  2. The gradual transition from paganism to Xianity is like the gradual disappearence of neanderthals and replacement with modern humans – in each generation there would not have been any dramatic changes, but a geometric series tends to make a lot of difference ( except my savings, there is a huge abyss every few years that sets the graph back to nearly the starting point).

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  3. Today, Sweden passed 7000 dead.
    The authorities have decreed pupils of the “upper” schools (immediadely after 9th grade, I do not know the English term. High school? Not university) must do their studying by “telecommuting”
    -Tegnell et al. showed diagrams of the increasing infection rates for children and youths with increasing age. From puberty the curve begins to rise and for young people 18 the infection rate is that för 20-something adults.
    Here in the county the spread has stopped accelerating, so we may be close to the peak- most other regions also see signs of more static numbers of hospital admissions.
    This is no comfort to the next of lin to the dead, but there is ground for some *very* cautious optimism.

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