February Pieces Of My Mind #2

“I usually paint slim young men, but this time the customer asks for a neckid lady, so I’m just going to paint one of my usual boys with a girly hairstyle and enormous fake-looking boobs”
(Lekythos by Alkimachos, 470/450 BC, Museo Archeologico di Siracusa)
  • In the 70s, adopting an orphaned child was cheaper from a poor country than from a rich one. For this reason, skin colour in 70s adoptees correlates with family income and social class in Scandinavia. (Possibly later and elsewhere too.)
  • For the first time, one of my same-age buddies has become a grandparent. If my son follows my own schedule, then I’m a bit less than four years from becoming a grandpa.
  • I haven’t written any fiction in years and years, and here I am now, having a blast writing an RPG scenario for Ashen Stars!
  • Meteorological spring reached Stockholm on 15 Feb last year. And now the forecast promises a minimum night temperature above freezing from Sunday on. Can’t wait!
  • Suddenly remember this US election where one candidate counted on the voters being a) homophobic, b) ignorant, and accused the other candidate’s sister of being a THESPIAN! (shock, horror)
  • The petty royals at Aska played hnefatafl with gaming pieces made from Norwegian whale bone. And there are identical gold foil figures at Aska in Östergötland and Borg in Lofoten on Norway’s North Atlantic coast.
  • Wonder if game developers and players know that Valheim means “Home of the Slain” and is a rare Norwegian surname.
  • “Rihanna sparks backlash after wearing Ganesha pendant in topless photo”. Yeah, because nudity is completely unheard of in traditional Indian religious art!
  • [posh accent] Two slightly… DISTORTED guitars!
  • Yay! New Mars rover landed safely and is talking! Full of new instruments with better capabilities to look at traces of past life!
  • Another reason to be happy: the ICU admissions for COVID-19 in Sweden’s most populous county were about 15 people last week. At the peak of the first wave in April, that number was 124. And at the peak of the second wave in December, it was 57.
  • The weather forecast for Sunday predicts a top temperature of 7°C. I’ve celebrated Midsummer at that temperature. Mixed feelings between my longing for spring and my concern over climate change.
  • I think it’s pretty science fictional that when the Dean sends everyone email in Polish, I can just click one button and get the whole thing in Swedish.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

3 thoughts on “February Pieces Of My Mind #2”

  1. Valheim is developed by a Swedish team, and when you look at the backstory it fits the name quite well so I’d say the devels knew what they were doing.

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  2. No, Rihanna must be punished for her disgraceful transgression – no such thing exists in traditional Indian religious sculpture, and it is an unforgivable insult to Indian culture and religious sensibilities.


    Veering wildly off topic, I did rather like Rihanna in the 2012 sci-fi movie Battleship. They should have given her a bigger part. Recommended watching for those who haven’t seen the film. It went down very well in Japan because erm it had a Japanese guy in it. As a good guy. One of the good guys who helps the good people beat the nasties. And oh my goodness are they nasty. Also of interest to nerds is that the film features the ‘Mighty Mo’, the retired WWII battle ship USS Missouri on board which took place the Japanese surrender. Why talking like Yoda I am?

    The film also features some Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18s, but you could be forgiven for not noticing that they are Australian. Pretty brave of them to risk all of the serious planes in the Australian airforce in one Yank film; all two of them.

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  3. OK, four of them. Actually the RAAF had about 70 or so, counting two seat trainers, but they sold some to the Canadians. So anyway, here’s the last bit of the film, with Rihanna on board the Mighty Mo blasting hell out of everything, some guy with no legs having a boxing match with an alien, and the Oz airforce coming to the rescue. What more could one ask for? I know – Rihanna topless blasting…..oh never mind.


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