March Pieces Of My Mind #3

Örebro County Museum keeps this beautiful mid-10th century sword chape in the Jelling Style. It was found in Lake Österhammarssjön, Fellingsbro parish. Photo Per Torgén, coloration by myself.
  • A few weeks back we saw two fighter planes training at very low height near Leksand. They looked completely unrealistic, like CGI.
  • Movie: The Lighthouse (2019). Two lighthouse keepers go insane from hard liquor in extremely pretty black-and-white. Grade: OK.
  • It’s such a relief to not have to bother about American domestic politics anymore! I’m unfollowing people left and right on Twitter. Phew!
  • My home suburb’s prog rock band, Trettioåriga Kriget, celebrates 51 years with a new album!
  • If you should discover that you have a long, thick piece of flexible tubing attached to the top of your head, then you may be a beast designed in the Jelling style of the 10th century.
  • No freezing temperatures in the 10-day forecast!
  • Cycled to Erstavik at nine in the evening under a gibbous moon. Stood still in the woods for ten minutes, heard the lapwings (Sw. tofsvipa) make a huge racket out in the field, but no owl. Then on my way back to the bike I heard a few calls from a tawny owl (Sw. kattuggla). Trying at Nyckelviken next time, there are old oaks there.
  • Wife & daughter photographed and interviewed on different subjects in the local weekly. Turning to the even more local weekly, I’ve got a column in it. Rundkvist local media hegemony!
  • Steve McQueen died at 50 from pleural mesothelioma, a cancer caused most likely by exposure to asbestos while he served in the Marines 1947-50.
  • Most Swedish archaeology museums have a few finds trays labelled Sw. Sump = corf / fish basket. They contain finds of uncertain provenance that have lost (usually temporarily) their links to the written record. Often a wild mix of stuff, always worth a peek.
  • Is Shoto Todoroki and Mikis Theodorakis the same person?
  • 12% of adult Swedes have had at least one shot. Swedes have almost stopped dying from covid19.
  • Stanisław Lem was born in 1921. Poland’s parliament has declared 2021 the Year of Stanisław Lem. He would have been skeptical.
  • Excuse me – just what is it that you are inseminating?!
  • Three days, 28 test pits screened, one archaeological hypothesis solidly tested. Thank you everyone in the Historiana Association, and all who worked so hard and so cheerfully in the rain!
  • Ask me to review a journal paper that devotes more space to explaining archaeological theory than to using that theory, and I will recommend that you turn the paper down. In the natural sciences, theoreticians aim at producing better theory. In the humanities, they aim at producing more, and more fashionable, theory.
  • 14 years ago the “Microsoft Genuine Advantage” program annoyed me so much that I abandoned Windows for Linux. Still a happy Linux user!
  • 28 December was Sweden’s worst day for COVID-19, with 121 deaths. Thanks to vaccination, that number has been 6 or less for the past week.
  • Drinking two cups of tea daily for three days and then drinking none causes me persistent headache on the fourth and fifth days. /-:
  • One great thing about the word processor in Google Docs is that you can change the file name from inside the document without even using the menus.
  • Wonder if there are usability experts studying the bizarre states people get software into by pressing odd key combinations by mistake.
  • Did you buy those ribbons in a cyber hearse affair?
  • Orodruin: if you liked it then you should have put a ring in it.
  • Suddenly remember choosing vinyl LPs when I was a teen in the 80s and didn’t have much money. Depeche Mode or Alphaville? The Cure or Love & Rockets? And the disparaging comments my friend made when I had bought something old and unhip. All those albums are in my phone now.

The Duvnäs platform. Is this the foundation of Olof Svart’s manor house from the 1520s?

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

3 thoughts on “March Pieces Of My Mind #3”

  1. The advent of digital music downloads has completely upended the music business. I remember having to choose carefully which albums I bought (mostly on cassette until 1988, when I got my first CD player–I never had my own turntable for playing vinyl records, although my parents did) because my budget was extremely limited. And still limited through my 20s, as I was in grad school during most of that period. Today most of that music is on my phone, and most of what isn’t is easily available on YouTube.

    It’s much harder for new artists today, because royalties are so much less. A Pink Floyd or a Talking Heads or an ABBA would have a much harder time making a living off their music today than those actual bands did in the 1970s. And it takes more effort to sort out the good new music from the dreck; in the 1970s and 1980s there were radio DJs and the like (not to mention your peers) to help you with the sorting, while today it is mainly a do-it-yourself task.

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