Ascension Weekend Fun

Lake Öringesjön

Ascension Thursday is a red-letter day in Sweden, schools are closed on the Friday as well, and most adults take the Friday off, giving everyone a nice long weekend. For most of the 10s I spent two of these days at the LinCon gaming convention on the Uni Linköping campus. But because of the pandemic there hasn’t been a 20s LinCon yet. Here’s what I did for fun over the long weekend.

  • Hiked the Sörmlandsleden trail with my wife from Skogshyddan to Lake Öringesjön and back. Saw roe deer, grass snakes, great loons and lots of butterflies.
  • Listened to Depeche Mode’s Some Great Reward for the first time in ~30 years of mostly guitar psychedelia. It was the first album I bought on my own in ’84 or ’85. Not bad!
  • Played Nemesis, a semi-coop boardgame that re-creates the first two Alien movies. Kind of convoluted, probably much better when everybody knows the rules.
  • Finished reading Richard Russo’s excellent 1993 novel about small-town life in upstate New York, Nobody’s Fool.
  • Watched the movie Bone Tomahawk (2015). How to make a horror Western about saving the girl from cannibal rapists today: insert a scene where a Native American explains that the evil tribe are not his people. Grade: great!
  • Cycled to two far-off cafés for lunch.
  • Gardened with podcasts.
  • Played Chandler Groover’s tasty 2017 text adventure Eat Me.

Dear Reader, what did you do for fun?

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

5 thoughts on “Ascension Weekend Fun”

  1. I engaged in extremely adult activities. Specifically, I had an assessor for a removals firm around to get an estimate for moving the contents of t’house to Sweden, as well as arranging flights for t’cats. I also put books in boxes. I have many many books to go in many boxes, before they can sensibly be taken care of by the removals company. And many other things that need to go in boxes.

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      1. Initial landing spot will be Malmö, but we’re likely to relocate to any conveniently-close more rural area within a few months. I am genuinely pondering how fast I’ll have a scanian accent. It took about 1-2 years in Linköping before people back in Stockholm thought I was an ostrogothian (no one local thought so, though). Having, in the past, had a habit of slipping into a more scanian-sounding dialect (we had three scanians and a dane in my philosophy class, that was enough to trigger accent migration when I spoke to them), I have a nagging feeling this MIGHT be faster.

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      2. So far it seems OK, pay is generous (but, then, I bring some 30 years of experience to the job, with both a wider experience base and possibly more depth in some parts than most candidates). I have yet to see my work mates other than over videoconferencing (and I doubt an actual move to Sweden would change this). Still trying to figure out what to have for first dinner back in Sweden. There’s a non-sero chance it’ll be a kebab pizza with bearnaise, about the Swedishest thing imaginable,

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