July Pieces OF My Mind #1

Mostly no rain
  • Flashback to the time when I said on TV that the archaeology programme does not lead to a job, and a chaired professor wrote me angrily demanding loyalty – despite not actually employing me. So I told him he was getting exactly the amount of loyalty he paid for.
  • Weird as a Scandinavian to see the US and China compete over world leadership, both from some kind of position of self-righteousness, and we’re like “No thanks, you’re a single party dictatorship and a flawed democracy full of religious gun nuts”.
  • Came up with another pun that proved not to be original: baked in Alaska.
  • Day three and the students are already so well informed about how the excavation works that they just politely ignored me in the morning, drove to site, got the gear out and started digging. Thank you Emelie Jonsson and Ola Lindgren for being such good trench bosses!
  • Here’s one for the Old Testament buffs: a Swedish brand of household waste management gear named MOLOCH.
  • Beginning to think about a road trip next time I go to Łódź, see more of the country. It’s not far between the famous cities.
  • Gotta say, my professional and social situation is kind of mind-blowingly great given my particular set of life priorities.
  • “Youtube wants to make you a Nazi because Nazis watch lots and lots of Youtube videos”. /Kenneth Hite
  • Facebook suggests that I should join the Kensington Runestone International Supporters Club.
  • The landscape of post-Medieval Swedish is littered with the sombre ruins of a case declension system. Springa till skogs. I sinom tid. Komma till rätta.
  • So is everybody playing a lot with Darda cars these days?
  • Had my 2nd covid-19 shot!
  • My son is working as a manga translator!
  • Movie: The Ninth Gate (1999). Rich excentric collectors of occult books! Lena Olin and Frank Langella chewing on the scenery! A perfectly adequate Johnny Depp as viewpoint! This would be a great movie if it weren’t for Emmanuelle Seigner’s one-note permanent mysterious smile.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

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