July Pieces Of My Mind #2

Backfilling one of the trenches. Should have thought of hiring an excavator already last year! Svante Hagsten is extremely skilled.
  • My baby girl whom until recently I would take to daycare on a bike seat behind me is on the Costa del Sol. After having worked as a kid’s camp counselor for three weeks, then sailing in the archipelago for a week with her friends. And when she returns to Sweden she’s going to be the summer temp boss of a Red Cross charity shop. ❤
  • Beck seems ambivalent about his lady friend: “There’s nothing that I wouldn’t rather do / Just want to stay up all night with you”
  • Diana Wynne Jones writes “VDU” when she means CRT.
  • Super impressed by the students’ cooking. They are reliably cooking two excellent meals every day for 20-25 people, usually using a stove with only three hot plates in an unfamiliar kitchen. This is my seventh excavation month in communal housing, and they just never ever flake out on this.
  • Up to five vertical metres of flooding on the Maas / Meuse. )-:
  • I don’t care what you people say. Geologists who study the Earth’s mantle are the lowest of the low!
  • Replaced the ailing New Dawn rose outside the south fence with a Yellow Submarine.
  • Movie: Playtime (1967). Almost wordless situation comedy about inhuman urban modernity. Grade: OK.
  • There’s reggae bass on ABBA’s “Two For The Price Of One”.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

13 thoughts on “July Pieces Of My Mind #2”

  1. I have to differ with you on one of your points. Geologists who study the Earth’s core are even lower than those who study the Earth’s mantle.

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  2. ‘Diana Wynne Jones writes “VDU” when she means CRT.’
    It doesn’t even mean the same thing. A VDU is a CRT in a nice box.
    Lately I was wondering why CRT os now a bad thng, until I found out that for humanists it means ‘Critical Race Theory’.

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    1. Just to clarify: I don’t mean that CRT is a bad thing, but many of the comments I have seen lately present it as if it were.

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    2. A VDU isn’t (necessarily) a CRT at all. Although I must confess that I cannot think of a VDU that isn’t also a CRT.

      But, not all CRTs are VDUs. Or at least were, historically. Most Williams tubes were CRTs covered by metal plates, so you could not see the image on the CRT. But, then, Williams tubes, even at their peak, were probably just a small fraction of CRTs.

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      1. Isn’t that a tautology since people gender grave goods from prehistoric sites by sexing the people buried with them? If a type of object did not correlate with the sex of the deceased, it would not be possible to say that this type of object was gendered in that prehistoric culture. This case does show that sexing human remains is not 100% reliable.


      2. It’s not a tautology, because archaeology started by identifying two clouds of densely interconnected find categories in graves that rarely connected with each other. And each cloud is easily correlated with a historically documented gender role. Only later did osteologists and biological sexing come into it.


      3. That’s poor methodology. You don’t start by ascribing gender to a single grave, you look at 200 graves and seek the overall rules for gender. Also, artefact gender and osteological sex must be established independently of each other.

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    1. If the summary of previous research in the article is correct, I would say “archaeologists found a burial containing one set of human remains but objects which are gendered masculine and objects which are gendered feminine in 11th / 12th century Finnish graves. The bones were too decayed to sex, but DNA were consistent with an intersex person with XXY chromosomes.”

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