What I wanted to do when I grew up

When I was seven I wrote a micro-essay in school about what I wanted to do when I grew up. “I want to be an archaeologist. I want to dig in the trench, not just sit on the edge and point. But I won’t mind if people call me ‘professor'”.

(People did call me ‘professor’ at the time. Bookish child who liked to answer questions in school.)

And now I usually do sit on the edge of the trench. Mainly because I get interrupted all the time by diggers and visitors. It can be hard for me to keep track of which context a given bucket of dirt belongs to, and if I get interrupted at the soil screen I block the work flow. Also I’m too lazy to remove turf and topsoil these days.

And this summer some of the Polish students called me ‘professor’ again.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

6 thoughts on “What I wanted to do when I grew up”

  1. Maybe you need a special “do not ask me questions” hat, that you can wear when you want to be in the trench? I am not sure what one would look like, though.

    I have partially succeeded in my early-teens career goal, in so far as I work with “something with computers”, but I am neither a professional chef, nor have I been a military officer. I am, on the whole, quite OK with that.

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  2. I wanted to design aircraft, work in a museum, or be a cowboy. Never got to be an aircraft designer, but spent many years working on them; spent some years involved with horses (driving, not riding), and spent 9 years running a local museum. So, all in all, I came tolerably close to my childhood goals.

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