November Pieces Of My Mind #3

Out now! ISBN 9789188763266
  • This is one of the sunniest Novembers I can remember! Such a joy and relief! Absolutely detest normal November.
  • Looking through the boxes of donated books for sale at my local scifi con, I noted that Raymond Feist seems to be at the absolute bottom of his popularity right now. A lot of people are getting rid of his books and nobody is buying them. I haven’t read him since I was twelve and was more interested in a novel if it was based on somebody’s D&D campaign.
  • Happy: after several years of unemployment and other problems my buddy from local politics has got a well-paid steady varied people-oriented job as head janitor for a housing development! Also one of my favourite Poles has been made full professor!
  • I kind of pride myself on knowing these things, but the new film Ich bin dein Mensch contains a sexual position that I’ve never come across before and don’t plan to try. Frankly, it seems awkward and unrealistic. 1) It’s a version of the Missionary, only the woman keels over 45 degrees to one side. She’s not on her back and not on her side. 2) You don’t touch much, keeping your upper bodies more than half a metre apart. Imagine a couple dancing one of those Latin American dances where you hold on to your partner’s hand and shoulder but you keep a considerable distance – and then someone shoves the couple so they fall sideways onto the floor!
  • Movie: Rio ne répond plus (2009). French Bond parody. Lots of jokes about the secret agent’s ethnic prejudice. Grade: OK.
  • Finally Sweden is getting our first woman Prime Minister, super competent Magdalena Andersson! And she’s from my area! ❤
  • The Hubble was launched when I was 18. Now my daughter is 18 and they’re launching the Webb!
  • Instead of doing any gratuitous Black Friday shopping tomorrow, I’m attending a seminar on historic brass casting and celebrating my high-school friend’s 50th birthday at a restaurant.
  • Movie: Tucker & Dale Against Evil (2010). Slasher movie parody where the two Appalachian hillbillies are sweet and kind, but the camping college kids are paranoid and one of them is a psychopath. Grade: OK.
  • The situation sketched in Bernie Taupin’s lyrics for “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” is interesting. Toy boy saying farewell to his drug-addled socialite sugar daddy / mama and longing for his country background.
  • Medieval mining settlements were important centres of employment and population. I just learned that Sweden had more of these than it had actual towns.
  • Magdalena Andersson resigned as Sweden’s prime minister last week for technical reasons having to do with the departure of the Greens from the new government. Now she’s back again with all the technical boxes ticked.
  • Movie: Duke of Burgundy (2014). Hyper-aestheticised fetishistic film about two women in a hyper-aestheticised fetishistic 24/7 dominance relationship that isn’t going so great, in an unexpected and sometimes quite funny way. Grade: good!
  • My buddy and former boss Khashayar Farmanbar just joined the Swedish Cabinet as minister for Energy and Digitalisation! We’re being governed by a Trekkie!

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

2 thoughts on “November Pieces Of My Mind #3”

  1. “Khashayar Farmanbar just joined the Swedish Cabinet as minister for Energy and Digitalisation!” About time somebody with Dilithium Crystal experience got into a position of influence. Go Trekkies!

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