December Pieces Of My Mind #1

Morning view through the leafless vine at our front door
  • Pleased to see the Capitol attackers in front of juries. When is the guy who ordered the attack going to jail?
  • Long-term lifestyle consistency: I am wearing a t-shirt with the logo of a 1982 fantasy role-playing game while doing research at the country’s biggest archaeological library.
  • Press release for Nils Mattson Kiöping’s (and my) new book!
  • I like the fine fabric grain embossed onto the pages of old paperback books.
  • Arts journalists are only interested in runestones if there are Nazis standing next to them and making claims about them.
  • Clicked on the wrong button and Facebook got kind of aggressive. At least pushy. “Go live by yourself or with others”
  • Watched Chekhov’s Seagull at the Royal Dramatic yesterday. Pretty good, though it was confusing that the actors playing the famous established author and the young hopeful author were both the same age. Also confusingly, the hired help wore equally middling-quality costumes as their employers. Things cleared up when I read a summary of acts 1-2 in the intermission.
  • The birds are having trouble pecking at the suet balls outside our kitchen window. Because the balls are frozen solid.
  • On the Real Polish podcast, there’s this faint bass drone that is occasionally heard behind the show host’s vocal recording. I asked him about it, and one of my guesses turned out to be right: it’s the snoring of his dog.
  • Movie: La Daronne / Mama Weed (2021). Police interpreter siezes the opportunity to steal 1.5 metric tonnes of high grade Moroccan hash. While dating the police inspector who investigates the deal. And spoiler, her landlady from Wenzhou is with the Triads. Grade: good!
  • Being Chinese, we have an industrial-strength kitchen fan for all the stir-frying. When I bake bread, steam comes out of the oven and usually it gets blown out of the house by the fan. Today the steam condensed on the inside of the duct and came pouring back down onto the stove as water. The cold has basically turned our fan into a whiskey still.
  • I wonder what kind of discreet interventions the CIA is making into EU politics.
  • Encouraging anecdotal evidence about continued academic freedom in Poland: my buddy who often criticises the right-wing populist government openly on social media was promoted to full professor the other day at Uni Łódź. (And they hired me two years ago.)
  • Tacitus is known as Tacyt in Polish.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

4 thoughts on “December Pieces Of My Mind #1”

  1. When I saw Girl From the North Country a few years back, for a while I wasn’t sure if the Black actors were playing Black characters or white characters. The play was set in 1930s Minnesota and featured a lot of Bob Dylan songs. As it turned out, the race of the characters was important to the story. That isn’t always the case.

    There are a lot of plays where they’ll cast a woman in a man’s role or vice versa, or they’ll choose an actor who might not fit the stereotype of the character. I saw a good movie version of The Tempest with Helen Mirren as Prospero. Why not? Men played the women’s roles back in Shakespeare’s day.

    One of my favorite mix-it-ups was The Mystery of Irma Vep which required the two leads to be played by people of the same sex, one cross dressing as necessary. Irma Vep is a campy farce and a real hoot. I suppose one day, when the copyright runs out, someone will do a daring version casting a man and a woman in the leads.


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