March Pieces Of My Mind #2

From the Nordic Museum’s great exhibition of travel to Scandyland marketing posters
  • Why do some men wear boxer shorts and a teeshirt over long underwear when running? I think they look insane. [Replies indicate that it’s to hide the cock bulge in the training tights]
  • Happy 70th birthday, Douglas Adams!
  • Russian for spaceship is kosmichesky korabl’, cosmic caravel.
  • Someone at an anthro department in the US has set a student to write a paper on my academic career.
  • I used to think that “No woman, no cry” meant “Stay away from women, they will only make you cry”.
  • I’m so proud! My kid translates manga from Japanese into English, neither of which is his first language!
  • Since I started to use Google Docs a lot, I find it super awkward with other office software that I can’t easily change the file name of my document while editing it.
  • Swedish criminals still use guns from the Yugoslav Wars of 1991-2001, four national border crossings away. Recently 18,000 machine guns were handed out to Ukrainian civilians, two border crossings away.
  • I am afraid of the trout pout.
  • Suddenly feeling optimistic, enthusiastic, pleased with my circumstances. Neurochemical randomiser.
  • Hey PC old timers, remember when software drivers came on 5.25″ floppies? I just installed the software needed to get a pair of Jabra earbuds working: 100 MB.
  • Today’s two years since we started our first period of pandemic isolation at my house.
  • There are several votive inscriptions of the 100s and 200s in Germania Superior dedicated to the Cimbrian Mercury, apparently an early North Jutish version of Odinn.
  • Wasn’t there an episode in Russian history where the people revolted against their leaders during an impopular war and made peace?
  • I just misspelled the band name “Hawkwink” and now I want to start a band that plays really druggy space rock with lyrics full of childish innuendo. Nudge, nudge, know what I mean?
  • Ancient Mediterranean votive images often depict a human performing a sacrifice to a god. But others depict a god performing the sacrifice. This makes it impossible for Scandy scholars to tell whether our somewhat later gold foil figures depict people or gods, since they have no specific iconographic attributes.
  • Poland’s population just increased by 5% with Ukrainian refugees. And the Poles are pretty much fine with this. Hear that, all other countries?
  • Tory leadership wants to institute the kind of appalling and shameful overseas asylum application processing that Denmark has decided on. But the Tory leadership faces strong internal party opposition to the measure.
  • Movie propmakers often make books and writing paper for historical dramas that look yellowed and creased. Because this was a long time ago when they had OLD paper.
  • I’m finding it extremely difficult to get the movies on my watch list online. It’s not that I have to subscribe to several services, it’s that I want to watch movies none of them even carry. Maybe I need to stop thinking about streaming movies as if they were streaming music where everything is available all the time. The film services apparently swap out what they offer over time, like TV and movie theatres. Maybe I should just accept that what I can watch on any given night will be determined by what’s on, not by my watch list. As if it were 1985. Or I’ll have to start ordering bluray discs online, which is a ridiculous way to stream bits into a house in 2022.
  • Only one frost night in the ten day forecast for Stockholm, and that’s just -1 C!
  • Imagine you’re a migraine sufferer 500 years ago and you often have visual scotoma prior to an attack. And you interpret this to mean that the migraine is caused by the scotoma, which you interpret as an external object. Ergo, you have the second sight, and every time you glimpse a fairy you end up with a splitting headache.
  • The opposite of genocide? Publically funded home language teaching.
  • Nasty: you wet your hands with warm tap water and then you take some liquid soap, but it’s disinfectant and it chills your hands as the alcohol evaporates.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

3 thoughts on “March Pieces Of My Mind #2”

  1. the other reason to wear shorts over running tights, is penile frostbite avoidance..

    isn’t that what ‘no woman, no cry’ means ?

    gave up on streaming movies, like the old Springsteen song, 57 channels and nothing on..
    always plenty of movies to stream, just nothing that I’d want to watch. The library used to carry DVDs/Blueray which was nice, but they’ve cut back and now use some horrible streaming service as well.

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