Go Away, Sanctimonious Fellow Leftie

I hardly ever get attacked online by people whose opinions I fundamentally oppose. They mostly just ignore me, even though I frequently attack them and their organisations in public. But every now and then I get these really vicious attacks from people who know that I basically share their opinions. Usually they get angry with me because I (seem to) question some in-tribe Leftie sacred truth.

One example was when I mused ”I wonder when the covid vaccine will become commercially available and what it will cost”. People went apeshit over this and called me a bad Social Democrat, apparently because somehow they interpreted the question to mean a declarative statement, ”I think rich people should be able to buy the vaccine ahead of everyone else”. Another was when I said that I think it’s great that modern medicine allows women to opt out of Down syndrome pregnancies. Again, some people apparently interpreted this quite differently, perhaps as ”Down syndrome people have no value and should all just be shot”. Or the time when I said that I didn’t see the practical value of organising a massive multi-thousand participant protest rally against a small local neo-Nazi club, when 90% of the parliamentary voters supported explicitly anti-Nazi parties. Or the time when I scoffed at the most recent ungainly euphemism for disability.

I’ve been trying to formulate my view of these attacks from the Left. There are some good English and Swedish words.

  • Over-earnest
  • Sanctimonious
  • Self-righteous
  • Prissy
  • Humourless
  • Condescending
  • Förnumstig
  • Distanslös
  • Självgod
  • Nedlåtande

Facebook calls your contacts ”friends”. That’s my yardstick there. If people are unfriendly on Facebook, for instance by not giving me the benefit of the doubt if they question something I seem to say, I usually block them right away. I’m not on the social media to debate hostile people. At the time of writing, I have 3267 Facebook friends and there are 44 names on my block list.

See also: Relatively Woke.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

8 thoughts on “Go Away, Sanctimonious Fellow Leftie”

  1. I have never figured out how to see how many I have blocked on Facebook, as electronic media is akin to “quantum” to me – I use its fruits without understanding 😊.
    In regard to virtue signalling and other BS including what Martin brings up, I have late in life finally understood you cannot be friends with everyone.
    While I would not go as far as Stevie Griffin* in disposing of the annoying ones, it is reassuring that the “block ” option is at my fingertips.
    * https://youtu.be/eQ3SWFy57dw


    1. “I have late in life finally understood you cannot be friends with everyone.”

      I once read “if you want to keep a friend, never discuss politics or religion with him/her”
      Of course, I am very bad at following that advice.

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  2. One reason I keep birdsite at pike’s length is that people there are rewarded for being angry at strangers or sharing stupid **** someone on the Internet said. But we Internet people know that someone is always wrong on the Internet.

    I treat FB like the target of a bombing raid, dash in, drop a link to a truth bomb with footnotes, and get out before any explosion on the ground below.

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  3. They’ll name a city after us
    And later say it’s all our fault
    Then they’ll give us a talking to
    Then they’ll give us a talking to
    ‘Cause they’ve got years of experience

    – Regina Spektor


  4. The Down syndrome outrage thing is a common one. The % of populations suffering from Downs is steadily dropping all over the world. Anyone who notes as a positive thing that it could completely disappear gets dog-piled on for advocating that people with Downs have no right to live. It’s contagious. It’s contagious. It’s contagious.


  5. Improvements sometimes mean subcultures are wiped out.
    In Cuba, the communist regime was so repressive towards rock-and roöö

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    1. (Posted by mistake)
      …was so repressive towards rock-and roll fans that they deliberately contracted HIV to be left alone, knowing fully well it was an incurable disease.
      Today HIV can be medicated, which I consider a positive development, all things considered.
      It is better than a doomed subculture of dying rockers.


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