Best Reads of 2022, #1

Here are my best reads in English during January through April.

  • The Treasure Seekers. Edith Nesbit 1899.
  • Games of Venus: an anthology of Greek and Roman erotic verse from Sappho to Ovid. Transl. Bing & Cohen 1993.
  • Eminent Victorians. Lytton Strachey 1918.
  • Reassuring Tales: Expanded Edition. T.E.D. Klein.
  • Delta Green: A Night at the Opera. Detwiller et al.
  • Salmon of Doubt. Douglas Adams 2002.
  • Apple Children of Aeon #1. Ai Tanaka 2012. Transl. S.R Messner 2022.
  • The Mask of Dimitrios. Eric Ambler 1939.
  • About a Boy. Nick Hornby 1998.
  • The Phoenix and the Mirror. Avram Davidson 1969.
  • Adrift: The curious tale of the Lego lost at sea. Tracey Williams 2022.
  • Station Eleven. Emily St. John Mandel 2014.
  • How to Behave Badly in Elizabethan England: A Guide for Knaves, Fools, Harlots, Cuckolds, Drunkards, Liars, Thieves, and Braggarts. Ruth Goodman 2018.

Find me at Goodreads! Dear Reader, what have been your best reads of the past few months?

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

3 thoughts on “Best Reads of 2022, #1”

  1. “Eminent Victorians” – snap! Always have lots of good reads to recommend under my belt but just in the last little while I also ticked off Mr. Strachey’s iconoclastic classic! – and learnt rather more about the English flavour of the Church of Rome than I really ever thought necessary. General Gordon is a character that also runs through Alice Thomas Ellis “The Inn at the Edge of the World”, 1990, so recently enjoying that book took me off to Strachey, already conveniently sitting in The Pile, & I just had to follow it with Kathryn Hughes “Victorians Undone”, 2017, where a further suite of Gordon’s contemporaries get unpicked in amusing style.

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