October Pieces Of My Mind #1

The new hotness in archaeological fieldwork gear.
  • Taken vaccine dose 4! It took me 20 minutes to make an appointment, cycle to the doctor’s office and get my jab.
  • Movie: Mad God (2021). Dark dirty rusty industrial dieselpunk hell dump with a lot of heritage from Bosch, Piranesi, Giger, Moebius, Gilliam, Jeunet & Caro. Puppet animation with some live acting, no dialogue. Mind-blowing. My jaw was on the floor. WTF factor off the scale. Grade: amazingly great!
  • Investigating the site of a detectorist’s Bronze Age hoard find from 2016. Prior to that, the last time we had a hoard from the Lake Mälaren area was Sigridsholm in 1986. This kind of detailed contextual information is extremely rare for hoards around here.
  • Invented a new team sport: it’s paintball, but instead of paint the air guns fire mescaline darts.
  • Movie: Goldfinger (1964). Bond movies find their formula. Silly fun, awesome cars and planes, campy bloodless fight scenes. Grade: OK.
  • My son is translating a new manga series in weekly instalments. “Mitsuko is Japan’s first woman detective in the turbulent 1930s! When a handsome college student shows up with a new case, he ends up assigned as her new assistant…”
  • Scenario hook: you encounter a zombie horde, but it’s wintertime, the temperature is below zero, they are covered in frost and can barely move.
  • If someone wrote software to update hair styles and makeup periodically it wouldn’t be necessary to film any more porn ever.
  • One of the main indications that I am a mature adult is my ability to handle an ironing board without hurting myself.
  • E.A. Poe suffered from lifelong debilitating substance abuse. It made his life short and extremely difficult. On a recent podcast, Gabriella Håkansson described this cute earlier interpretation where commenters would say that Poe drank himself to death as a completely proportionate response to his life being so shitty, not the other way around.
  • Bought lots of crocus bulbs and two bird defence nets for the cherry and plum trees.
  • Super proud of my Chinese Swedish wife and all the hard work she does for the public good! Works professionally in public mental healthcare, is an elected municipal councilperson, serves on the refugee integration committee, and does most of the admin for her association that teaches immigrant women to enjoy swimming. Mark my words, this is what happens when you let furriners into the country!
  • Been subjected to homeless policing for the first time. Tried to nap at the library, was interrupted by a security guard.
  • Movie: Moonage Daydream (2022). 2 h 20 min of artfully put together mixed media with Bowie. Nobody comments on him but himself. Grade: great!
  • I’ve finished the archive report on the 2021 excavations at Aska in Hagebyhöga! Lots of gold foil figures and other goodies.
  • A dime drops after 33 years. There’s an instrumental interlude in Depeche Mode’s version of “Route 66”, taken from one of their own songs. Now I realise that the song is titled “Behind the Wheel”. Clever… 😄
  • One of my rose bushes has been growing poorly and blooming late. This year it never bloomed at all. So today I moved it from its shady corner to a much sunnier spot. Hope for an improvement next summer!
  • Imagine having a song stuck in your head, and you wrote the song and recorded it with your bandmates.
  • India and the Netherlands have extremely annoying border configurations with ugly appendages.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

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