November Pieces Of My Mind #2

Morning commute

  • Taken my annual flu shot.
  • Between ignorant wishful thinker voters and “business friendly” politicians, I don’t think democracy can deal effectively with the climate crisis. And the poor are already first to suffer.
  • Last night the moon was shining into our white bathtub and the light was reflected out again. A moonlight bath.
  • What happened to programmable keyboard macros? They used to be a big deal.
  • Are you in the 95th percentile for wealth? I’ve got good news for you and everyone who isn’t as rich. I want to tax everyone richer than you until they’re on your wealth level!
  • I just came across the phrase “Republican base voters”. Surely that should be “base Republican voters”.
  • Over the decades, theoretical archaeologists have ascribed agency to material culture, to animals, to plants, even to the landscape. I think this is a ridiculous misuse of the word agency. But additionally, I believe that people have no agency. Because free will does not exist according to the mainstream of neurology and philosophy. And so agency is a fictional concept.
  • The Dems donated to crazy Arizona Republican Lake’s primaries campaign because she was more beatable than her GOP rival. Lake got the nomination and then lost the election by a slim margin. Risky tactic!
  • The ATA archives in Stockholm, which is the central archive for Swedish archaeology from its birth two centuries ago, have created an online file cabinet for my excavation reports and put everything I dug from 2011 to 2018 in it. I’ll be delivering the reports for 1997-2010 as well shortly. Let posterity say what it wants about me: at least nobody will complain about me not writing up my sites!
  • My contemporaries are getting boss jobs at various museums and government bodies. Making me the director of anything at this point would be like handing the administrative reins of a music college to a prolific psychedelic rock guitarist.
  • One thing that’s better on the Kindle than on the Kobo is that all your Kindle ebooks are available to read in your web browser, but only some of your Kobo ebooks.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

One thought on “November Pieces Of My Mind #2”

  1. We got our flu shots and our COVID boosters. Now, all we need is our pneumonia shot, but not until things quiet down a bit.

    Keyboard macros are still around. On the Mac, there’s a simple keystroke to menu item mapping or one can use Keyboard Maestro or a similar program. I’d be shocked if Windows doesn’t have similar facilities. I suppose keyboard macros are less important on a smart phone or tablet, but they’re still around.

    Kari Lake wasn’t the only crazy Republican supported by Democrats. Backing a lunatic might be a risky tactic, but the Democrat’s record with this tactic this election was pretty good. Only one lunatic won out of around ten they backed.

    I agree that one has to be animate to have agency, but I am not as an extreme reductionist as you are. Just because we understand how choices are made at a cellular or molecular level doesn’t mean there is no agency. That’s like arguing that there is no such thing as personality because personality can be decomposed into character traits. Agency is an emergent phenomenon, says this oxidationist.

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