Dragged An Ugly Concrete Rubble Lump

Decades ago people put a boom barrier across a path near our house. They dug a pit, stuck a length of thick iron pipe with a spike at one end into the pit, and backfilled it with concrete. The pipe acted as a short gate post around which the boom pivoted.

The barrier was removed long ago, leaving a big chunk of concrete and iron pipe. Someone lifted it out of the hole with a mechanical excavator and left it next to the path, a clearly visible piece of ugly demolition rubble.

It was an eyesore. It annoyed me for years, and I couldn’t lift or roll that heavy thing. But at the moment the path is covered with icy compacted snow. Last night I tied a rope to the rubble lump and dragged it along the path, then let it roll downhill to a less visible spot under an elevated walkway were builders and landscapers keep handy boulders, concrete barriers etc. I stretched my back a bit, but it was worth it!


Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

3 thoughts on “Dragged An Ugly Concrete Rubble Lump”

  1. well done !
    making an improvement to the lived environment of hundreds of people..
    Bit startled though, expected Sweden to be good at cleaning up and not leaving ugly lumps around for years.

    I had to replace a fencepost in our yard which came out as exactly that, huge gnarly lump of concrete with a bit of rotted out wood in the middle. It took two of us to lift it out, then we rented a sledgehammer and smacked it to bits. Replacement fencepost used a concrete form to make a nice slender cylinder around the post. But I’ll not be one pulling that post out, with any luck at all.

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    1. Yeah, the intelligent thing to do would have been to sledgehammer the concrete apart. I just haven’t got a sledgehammer, and once I started dragging the thing I felt like I might as well get it done even though it was really heavy.


  2. Inert block of cement?
    Elsa Widding, MP for the xenophobia party claims there is no climate crisis whatsoever.

    Also, weird snowfall in California, idiots in Florida take over hiring and firing powers in the Universities.
    Vaccines are about to be literally outlawed.


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