Gold Foil Figures and Backfilling: Week Four at Aska

We found the first gold foil figures, guldgubbar, on Monday of week 3. Eventually we ended up with 23 of them, though a few may be parts of the same foil. There are only seven known sites with more recovered foil figures than Aska. To avoid unwanted attention during fieldwork, I released this information only … Continue reading “Gold Foil Figures and Backfilling: Week Four at Aska”

And Yet Another Gold Foil Figure Die from Zealand

Guldgubbar are tiny pieces of gold foil with (usually) embossed motifs. They most commonly depict single men, then embracing couples, then single women, all in fine clothing. They date from the Vendel Period (540-790) and seem to have been religious artefacts. Usually they are found in the remains of elite residences, concentrating in and around … Continue reading “And Yet Another Gold Foil Figure Die from Zealand”

Another Gold Foil Figure Die from Zealand

Another one of the rare production dies for 6/7/8th century gold foil figures has come to light, again on Zealand! This is an unusual design depicting a lady from the front. She’s wearing a long dress, a cloak and two bead strings. She seems to be cupping her hands around a ring at her abdomen. … Continue reading “Another Gold Foil Figure Die from Zealand”

Kaga Gold Foil Figure Model

This entry was first published over the cell-phone network on my old site, without pix, on Monday 9 April. This morning I woke up in an unexpected and not very welcome winter wonderland. Driving the 2.5 hours to Linköping on summer tyres was scary. But the snow was gone by lunch. An icy wind persisted. … Continue reading “Kaga Gold Foil Figure Model”

New Foil Figure Die From Zealand

Working with the Gothenburg Historical Society’s metal detector group at Sättuna near Linköping in the spring of 2007, I was fortunate enough to be on site when Niklas Krantz found the thirteenth gold foil figure die known to scholarship. These dies were used in the 6th, 7th and 8th centuries to make tiny images of … Continue reading “New Foil Figure Die From Zealand”

February Pieces Of My Mind #3

Movie: Tenet (2020). Ostentatiously confusing high-speed techno thriller where people and things can flip their time arrow. Watch out for future you running around backwards with a gun that sucks up bullets! Grade: OK. I bought some RPG scenarios for $16. I expect them to entertain at least five people for at least 32 hours, … Continue reading “February Pieces Of My Mind #3”

February Pieces Of My Mind #2

In the 70s, adopting an orphaned child was cheaper from a poor country than from a rich one. For this reason, skin colour in 70s adoptees correlates with family income and social class in Scandinavia. (Possibly later and elsewhere too.) For the first time, one of my same-age buddies has become a grandparent. If my … Continue reading “February Pieces Of My Mind #2”

September Pieces Of My Mind #1

“You might be thinking, and I could not blame you, that it is more plausible that Emanuel Swedenborg was having schizophrenic episodes than that the schizophrenics were having Swedenborgian episodes.” Mary Roach, Spook Yay, legendary game designer and raconteur Ken Hite recommends my castles book in the Ken & Robin backers’ newsletter! Shit’s getting weird … Continue reading “September Pieces Of My Mind #1”

August Pieces Of My Mind #2

When somebody says foreigners are crap I often think “Really? Then what’s so great about you?” And then I think “Aha, yeah, no, I see”. The late Ed Brayton was one of the original bloggers at in 2006. Always kind to fellow science fans and skeptics, never lukewarm, often very funny. He will be … Continue reading “August Pieces Of My Mind #2”

August Pieces Of My Mind #1

Looks like the Falun Gongers camping on Wikipedia are finally going to get the same treatment as the Scientologists got! Woke at 05:15, head revving up with thoughts of feature lists, soil samples and level measurements. We’re backfilling the trench on Wednesday and Thursday. Fieldwork nearing its end. Highly informative publishable results. Big presentation to … Continue reading “August Pieces Of My Mind #1”