Dinner With Phillip

It’s a rare pleasure when I get to meet Aard’s regulars, strewn as they are across the globe. Nine years ago when I began teaching in Umeå I met Birger Johansson. And tonight I met Phillip Helbig, everyone’s favourite Texas-Deutsche Kosmolog! I was taller than he expected and he was less red-headed and be-spectacled than I expected. We had dinner at a pub on Stockholm’s South Island and found a lot to talk about.

Phillip tip-toed onto the Aard scene eleven years ago with comments about nude saunas, astronomy and Swedish literature, and he has been with us since. We knew already in late 2011 that he is a polyglot Scandy speaker, a theoretical star gazer and and a lover of those wonderful things that are within two arms’ reach. He is also a dad, a former finance IT guy and an active research scientist.

I hope it won’t be nine years before I get to meet another Aard regular!