Open Thread For March

National Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, photo by its director Fedir Androshchuk, Tuesday morning, 1 March

I’ve known Dr. Fedir Androshchuk for decades while he’s lived mainly in Sweden. He is the world’s main authority on Scandinavian swords of the Viking Period. Last week I learned that Fedir is now the director of Ukraine’s National Museum and thus arguably one of the main custodians of the country’s past — a country under severe threat. Respect!

Sixteen Years Of Blogging

I started blogging 16 years ago because it was a fad among Swedish journalists and my wife had a blog. The ability to write articles on any subject I like and get them straight out to readers without editorial oversight is immensely appealing to me. By now this body of text also forms a big chunk of my autobiography, starting when I was 33 and my oldest child was seven. (He’s in engineering school now.)

I imagine future historians of archaeology writing that “With Rundkvist’s generation it is never enough to read their conventional publications. With him in particular there is also a very large volume of published writing on relevant issues that has never seen print, yet is available in on-line historical repositories such as the Wayback Machine”.

I’m happy to keep on keepin’ on!


Hey all you regular Dear Readers, how are you doing this early winter? I know pretty much how John, Birger and Phillip are. But there are signs that others are reading regularly, just not commenting all the time, or at all. I’m not just thinking of Ingvar, Seth, Aquadraco, Lassi, SoundEagle, Jan, Sean, Eric L and Erik van R. Lurkers, please de-lurk briefly and tell us how things are with you! For instance, aren’t any ladies reading this sausage fest? How is everybody in northerly latitudes coping with the shorter days?