Speaking Schedule Oct/Nov

  • Wednesday 5 Oct. 17:00. About Fisksätra before the 1970s housing development. Fisksätra shopping centre, HAMN project office.
  • Thursday 13 Oct. 10:00. About Bronze Age sacrificial sites. Uppsala, Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3, Dept of Archaeology.
  • Monday 17 Oct. 18:30. About pseudoarchaeology. Stockholm, KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 5, lecture hall D2, Swedish Skeptics.
  • Thursday 27 Oct. 14:00. About the late-1st millennium aristocracy. Norrköping, Saltängsgatan 7, Senioruniversitetet.
  • Thursday 3 Nov. 14:30. About the new media. Kristiansand, Vestre Strandgate 7, Radisson Blue Caledonien (!) Hotel, Norwegian Archaeologists Annual Meeting.

And buy an Aardvarchaeology t-shirt or mug now! Any day now you may find yourself without any clean t-shirts or mugs!


Introducing the Aardvarchaeology Store


Those free Nigerian scam t-shirts never materialised, but still, the affair prompted me to get some excellent merch art made and set up a web shop. A good thing about this is that now I can offer all three designs submitted by Jim Allen, Stacy Mason and Joe Hewitt!

Dear Reader, hie thee over to Ye New Shoppe and check out the wares! If there’s any item you’re missing and onto which one might conceivably stick the art, then please tell me and I’ll try to add it to the lineup.

Now I want you guys to send me pics of yourselves wearing Aard t-shirts and/or swigging beverages from Aard mugs!

Joe’s Aard T-shirt Design


Joseph Hewitt of Ataraxia Theatre is the artist who rendered almost the entire ScienceBlogs stable as zombies last summer. He has submitted the third t-shirt design, and when I saw it I thought, “Screw the reader’s poll, this is the one I want!”. So although I’d very proudly wear shirts with the designs by Stacy Mason and Jim Allen/Sweeney too, I’ve decided to go with Joe’s image. Keep your eyes open for a future sweepstakes.

Stacy’s Aard T-shirt Design


Here’s the second t-shirt design suggestion, from Stacy Mason! Compare the first one from Jim Allen/Sweeney.

And Barn Owl has volunteered to distribute the shirts! So unless a third design comes my way soon, I’ll set up an on-line poll to decide which image goes onto the Aardvarchaeology t-shirts, and then place the order.

Jim’s Aard T-shirt Design

i-c59d08ff7228c0dffebbc211998788c3-Aardvark low res sample.jpg

Here’s the first t-shirt design suggestion, from Jim Allen/Sweeney! Says Jim, “The image could be printed in black or white on a contrasting shirt, or even in three colours – say, white for the eyes and trowel, tan for the outline and green for the lettering.” I’m thinking that the URL would go on the back.

Aard T-Shirts? Help Needed!

A company has offered to sponsor Aard with 15-30 free printed t-shirts bearing the design of my choice, delivered to a US address. I’d like to accept their offer, and so I need help from my readers.

1. I need a hi-res design to put on the shirt. I only have the blog’s venerable masthead as a lo-res file, and the anonymous artist who made it four years ago doesn’t reply to email on their old address. If you want to submit a design, please write me for info on how to go about it.

2. I need a regular commenter based in the US who is willing to take delivery of the t-shirts and send them on to their destinations on my dollar.

My current idea about how to share the shirts around is to give two each to the people who help with the task as detailed above, ten to the most active commenters of the past year, and then organise a lottery for the remainder among any readers who sign up. (Don’t sign up yet, that comes later.)

Update 22 August: I’ve selected a design by Joseph Hewitt.

And by the way, I’m on Google+ now if you want to follow me there.

I hate that expression. Actually, I’m on Google+ regardless of whether you want to follow me there or not. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s like the inexplicable Swedish preface to saying something, Jag kan säga att si och sÃ¥, “Well, I can say that blah blah blah”. I always reply “Great, feel free to do so!”. Another logic peeve is “All X are not Y”, when what people really mean is “Not all X are Y”.


Welcome the SciAm Bloggers


Scientific American has opened a blog portal, poaching a number of excellent erstwhile SciBlings and other blog buddies of mine! Head on over and greet

Oh, and by the way. PZ Myers says he’s probably going to leave Sb soon. And with him goes a huge chunk of our community’s casual inter-blog spillover traffic. Not good.

Earl Birger Rules


Birger Johansson is an awesome guy. We’ve never met, but he’s one of Aard’s most prolific and witty commenters. And then, out of the blue, he suddenly tells me that he’s got some free shipping to spare on Amazon and sends me a hoard of books, a DVD and a graphic novel! THANK YOU BIRGER! I hereby grant you an Earldom and the right to be called Birger Jarl!

  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Douglas Adams 1987.
  • The Skinner. A Spatterjay Novel. Neal Asher 2002.
  • The Devil You Know. A Felix Castor Novel. Mike Carey 2006.
  • Halting State. Charles Stross 2007.
  • The Grimrose Path. A Trickster Novel. Rob Thurman 2010.
  • At Last the 1948 Show. 1967 British comedy series with, among others, John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Marty Feldman. Proto-Python!
  • Criminal Macabre. A Cal McDonald Mystery. Steve Niles & Ben Templesmith 2004.

I’m particularly grateful for these near-birthday presents because Birger is introducing me to a lot of stuff I’ve never even heard of before. Can’t wait to read & watch! Stay tuned for reviews.

ScienceBlogs Solvent Again

I just got paid half a year’s back wages by the ScienceBlogs Overlords. Christmas came early! No, I mean, last Christmas came late!

Paying me off wasn’t such a big deal as I usually make only $75 a month. But at least two of the heaviest hitters here on Sb have also been paid. That’s a tidy sum each, which can only mean that the angel investor we’ve been hearing about back-stage has now taken over Sb’s assets and liabilities. Excellent news! ScienceBlogs is not dead!