Minotaur Into Hibernation


The premier Swedish dark fantasy quarterly, Minotauren, where yours truly has been a columnist for the past year, is going into an extended hiatus. A fat triple issue to cover 2006 will be distributed in the near future, and then it’s goodbye for a while. Subscribers will be compensated. The triple issue will feature pieces about or by Clark Ashton Smith, Leigh Brackett, Arthur Machen and Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, among others.

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Typing Monkeys


“With a bit of luck, random sequences of letters and figures may form intelligible words and phrases. The most well-known formulation of this fact is the image of the monkeys and typewriters: if you let monkeys hammer for ever on typewriters, then they will eventually write every possible sequence of the typewriters’ characters, including every book that has ever been, or will ever be, written. Let us disregard the risk that the monkeys may tire before they have typed for ever; also, let us leave questions of typewriter wear, paper supply and banana prices out of consideration.”

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