Stockholm Art Shows

Saw three art exhibitions Sunday with the ladies of my family.


The Culture House, Kulturhuset, in central Stockholm shows US photographer Sally Mann‘s work, mainly selected from three collections: 1980s pictures of her kids (very controversial in the US back then because of child nudity, an issue few Swedes are able to get worked up about), 1990s landscapes from the southern US, and huge recent portraits of her grown-up kids where any documentary ambition is completely abandoned for out-of-focus fogginess. Absolutely wonderful stuff, and no photoshoppery, only analog chemical photography, much of it done with 19th century equipment.
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New Apples in Stereo Album


Robert Schneider, one of my favourite neopsychedelic musicians, has a new album out, this time with his main band again, The Apples in Stereo. His previous album Expo was issued in 2005 with The Marbles and is an excellent synth-driven yet lo-fi effort. Before that he did two non-psych albums in 2005 (with Ulysses) and 2002 (with the Apples) which didn’t do much for me, so the last time the Apples released anything good was in 2000 with the radiant Discovery of a World Inside the Moone.

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