Diving For Bottles Again

The people who owned my mom’s summer house in the 60s and 70s threw household waste into the sea from the main dock. And they methodically filled their empty wine bottles with water and sank them there. (If you toss an empty bottle into the sea it floats away.) The water’s only about 2.5 m deep at the dock, so when we took over in ’82 we could see the junk covering the sea floor clearly. Hundreds of bottles. For a few years in the mid-80s me, my brother and our friends did a lot of diving and took most of the stuff ashore. But a few empties have still been visible in favourable lighting, farther out than we used to dive. Today I picked them up, using a hand net for the first time on my dives, which made the whole operation way more effective. I’ve been retouching the archaeological record.