Archaeology Is Not A Strong Brand

My Linnaeus University colleague and trätobroder (debate adversary) of many years, Cornelius Holtorf, published a book in 2007 under the title Archaeology is a Brand. That is certainly a possible way of looking at it. But preparing a talk on internet archaeology, I made a little discovery. Look at what this brand appears to be worth! There is hardly any demand for the words ”archaeology” or ”archeology” as internet domain names. undeveloped undeveloped US paper mag undeveloped small NYC web design firm undeveloped undeveloped undeveloped UK paper mag Dartford UK IT consultancy undeveloped undeveloped

My guess as to why this word packs so little punch is that people don’t think about archaeology as a whole. They think of little regional bits of the past and archaeological practice. Thus domain names like,,,, and are much more attractive than the word for that nebulous global entity, archaeology.