Podcasts I Pay For

Part of my subscriptions list in Podkicker
Part of my subscriptions list in Podkicker

I give these podcasts $5-8 monthly. Only the HPLLP has a pay wall.

I’ve also been a paying member of the Planetary Society for years because of their excellent podcast Planetary Radio with Mat Kaplan et al.

Five Good Podcasts

I love listening to podcasts during housework, commuting and travelling. I use the Podkicker app on my Android phone. Some of my current favourites are put out by the old media: NPR, CBC and BBC. But here are five faves without old-media ties.

  • The Drabblecast. ”Strange stories by strange authors for strange listeners”, with the inimitable master of the form, Norm Sherman.
  • Planetary Radio. All the weekly space news you need, and interviews with the scientists and engineers who make that news.
  • Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. Role playing games, speculative fiction, history, spy thrillers, occultism, cooking, movies and stories about Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor.
  • Skeptics With a K. Three young Englishmen being witty on current skeptical topics.
  • The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. Funny and insightful discussion of old, classic or obscure horror short-stories. (Only some episodes are free, so I subscribe.)

Tell Me What Podcasts To Try

I’ve suddenly and catastrophically gotten tired of most of my favourite podcasts, removing them from the subscriptions list in Podkicker on my smartphone. It’s a lot like breaking up with friends of many years, except that the podcasters’ feelings are unlikely to be hurt by my faithlessness. Dear Reader, you know me. Tell me what podcasts I should try!