Google Definitions

I was musing about how haphazardly I learned about certain indispensable software and information sources. Then it struck me — maybe there are people who don’t know about Google Definitions? OMG! I’ve got to tell them!

I use Google Definitions daily. It’s an on-line meta-dictionary, collecting definitions from all over the web. To use it, just type “DEFINE:” into Google’s search box and then whatever it is you need defined. And it knows everything, not just the sort of straight-laced stuff you find in printed dictionaries.

define: myrmecology
Myrmecology is the branch of entomology dealing with ants.

define: mmorpg
Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

define: safeword
Das Safeword ist ein bei den sexuellen Praktiken im Bereich des BDSM verwendetes Signalwort, mit dem der empfangende Partner zeigen kann, dass er die Handlung nicht fortsetzen möchte.

define: dendrite
A branch of a nerve cell that receives incoming messages from other nerve cells.

And I assume you all have the Google Toolbar installed, so you always have a search box in your browser. Anything else would just be silly.

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