Steady Job

If by a “steady job” you mean one that is contracted to last until retirement, then I have had only one in my life so far. In 2002, Roger Blidmo gave me a steady job with his contract archaeology unit Arkeologikonsult. I left it after only a few months as my dig was done and written up, as the unit had no further digs lined up at the time, and as I had received funding to study Vendel Period metal detector finds from UppÃ¥kra.

Today I have signed up with the Royal Academy of Letters for the second steady job of my life. It’s actually just a change in the formal circumstances around my work as managing editor of Fornvännen: I’ve been doing it since 1999, and now the job has turned steady. One quarter of full time, an office in central Stockholm, and side duties having to do with the Academy’s on-line publication strategy and sundry editorial tasks with its book output.

I’m very grateful to the Academy’s former and current Secretaries and to my friend the Chief Financial Officer for the excellent terms they’ve offered me!


17 thoughts on “Steady Job

  1. CONGRATS! 😀
    *sound of fireworks, marching band, screaming hoards of spectators*
    Every bit helps, and seeing there are at least a few pinpoints of lights at the end of some tunnels is pathetically satisfying.

    Now, about that email with a review suggestion I sent you a few days ago…?


  2. Congrats, Martin!

    Further to kai’s comment, a little quip I picked up somewhere: “You know you are middle-aged if you, when faced with two temptations, select the one you will get home soonest from.”


  3. Yeah, for practical purposes it means I get a bit more money a week, I get two hours less of research time a week, and I can count on this to be so on a permanentish basis.


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