Cute Train Lesbians

A funny intermezzo caught me Saturday on the train from Brussels to Liège. Across the aisle, two young pretty lesbian couples were seated. And they spent most of the ride necking furiously. I suppose that as a het male I might have been expected to feel some kind of perturbation or arousal at the sight. But in fact I mainly experienced a sort of avuncular tenderness toward the young ladies. Their joy made me smile. Any desire these shapely wenches might have inspired was checked by the evident fact that they weren’t interested in my kind. Then they got off (the train, you pervert) and left only a shiny green apple on the table. A few hungry bites had been taken from it.


5 thoughts on “Cute Train Lesbians

  1. Reading this makes me remember when my partner and I were younger, more energetic, and had to work hard to keep our hands off each other. Thanks for making me smile this morning.


  2. That apple could have been a tempting invite to a triad. Ya never know once the old boundaries are breached. And, as one with some experience I mean that in the best possible way.


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