Soul Warrior

This past weekend the Swedish Skeptics celebrated our 30th anniversary with a two-day conference in Gothenburg. It included the annual business meeting of the society at which I was reelected as chairman for a second year. And at dinner, I sang a song about how I view my role in the society, and the Swedish Skeptics’ role in Sweden at large. It’s Tomas di Leva’s 1991 Själens Krigare, “Soul Warrior”. Here’s a quick translation.

Can you feel it?
It is everywhere
Space opening
In our hearts

I am the soul’s warrior
With love as my weapon
I am the soul’s warrior
And the light in the tunnel
I am the soul’s warrior
And I help you get to Paradise

Forget everything
In green hypnosis
Beauty fights for us
We make a cosmic wave
Butterfly, long for more!
Become reborn again!

Among stars I sneak
And spread my seed by the power of thought
My kiss is a whirlwind
Spin, oh my Earth, through famine and distress
Indifference is everyone’s death

You can do whatever you want

Lala, lala, dreams shall sing in the blue

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

4 thoughts on “Soul Warrior”

  1. I just noticed the references to chaos theory: Butterflies, whirlwinds and of course the wave/glow refers to quantum theory. “Space opening”/everywhere” means cosmic expansion has no center.
    “Among stars I sneak / And spread my seed by the power of thought”; cosmic panspermia theory as per Svante Arrhenius, micro-organisms propelled by radiation pressure.


  2. What a bunch of hippie lyrics. I bet Thomas di Leva eats mushrooms for breakfast. I don’t see any science here. Soul’s warrior, love weapon, a light at the end of the tunnel, Paradise, beauty, butterflies, rebirth. The fourth stanza is at least extra-trippy. Two points for astral projection, one point for a gyre.

    And bravo to Martin.


  3. Hippie lyrics? Naah ,it is like reading the Da Vinci Code, clues everywhere! I could make a film from that 🙂

    Martin, is that you and your friends messing with that poor hippy?


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