September Pieces Of My Mind #2

I'm a closeted boardgamer.
I’m a closeted boardgamer.
  • Is the gents’ loo in the new Stonehenge visitors’ centre fitted with Aubrey holes?
  • Heh. Here’s a nice piece of home-made Scandy English: “the people living in the castles would spend their days doing chores, quarrelling, sleeping and eating”. The author probably means that castle dwellers would often “quarrel” with attacking troops.
  • The Kings of Leon have a very odd singer. I can’t decide if he’s interesting or just bad.
  • Borrowed one of the more recent Pratchetts that I haven’t read yet. Realised that it’s about a quarter-century old.
  • Twitter just suggested that I follow this guy who describes himself as “Archaeologist / Powerlifter / Ambassador for Viking Warrior Nutrition”. Yep.
  • OK music lovers, check out this detail in “Whole Lotta Love”. Plant doesn’t come in on the beat with the chorus, “Y’ wanna whole lotta love”. He’s intentionally like a quarter beat late every time. Micro-syncopation, says my musicologist friend.
  • Listening to the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” for the first time. Was convinced at first that it was a Soundtrack of Our Lives song that I’d forgotten about. Then the female background singer came in and it started sounding like Primal Scream. That’s what it means to establish a style, I guess.
  • Both the drummer and the bass player for the Jimi Hendrix Experience died from alcoholism at about age 60. )-:
  • Ran the roleplaying exercise about the ethics and urban planning issues around burial excavations again. This year the random number generator assigned the role of Satanists to a born-again Pentecostal student and a Muslim student. They thought it was a blast. (-;
  • I don’t have impostor syndrome. That’s when you’re an expert at something but feel like a fraud. I’ve quite a realistic perspective on my strengths. But imagine being given a university course to teach, and it’s been conceived and prepared by someone else whose skill set has almost no overlap with yours…
  • Elderly relative likes something I’ve written on-line, wants to share it on a web site for people with similar interests. Does not post a link to my piece: instead creates a PDF file containing my piece and has the keeper of the web site put the PDF in their repository. Um… Well… That works, I guess.
  • I commute several 100 kms once a week to teach. This of course costs me money for air tickets, bus rides and hostel stays. And though I can get a lot of work done during the commute, it does cost me a certain amount of time = more money. But it also costs me considerable time = money spent in simply booking all the air tickets and hostel nights. So though the gross salary is fine, my net income ain’t.
  • It’s Godt-haab. Not God-thaab. No sibilant there.
  • Wife vacuumed a lot of spilled instant coffee pellets. Now the vacuum cleaner makes the house smell like stale coffee.

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

57 thoughts on “September Pieces Of My Mind #2”

  1. #53 – This goes a long way towards explaining past finds that suggested anatomically modern humans were in southern China much earlier than thought possible. It looks like they were, from a very early wave of migration, but they died out and left no trace in modern people now.


  2. Misconduct in the astronomy department at Berkeley: It gets worse.
    “In 1987, Marcy’s colleague in the search for exoplanets realized that he had handed her a revised copy of their joint grant proposal. On the copy Marcy had given her, both their names appeared, his as main investigator and hers, as co-investigator. But Marcy’s official copy, the one he had submitted to the funding agency, bore only his name.

    She reported this to the department head, who fired her on the spot. Marcy was the rising star of his department. She then filed a formal complaint for professional misconduct against Marcy. But she was unable to recover her position and she left the field of astronomy. Following these events, a few people tried to draw the University’s attention to Geoff Marcy’s inappropriate behaviour with his female students.”

    -He has been doing his thing for three decades. And the administration did not give a damn. FUCK THEM!!!!


  3. #15 – So does that mean Schrodinger’s family have to wait another 50 years to see if he’s alive or dead?


  4. Robin Hood was only pinned in the reign of King John by the Victorians, I think, so there would have been no reason why it should have been mentioned in Tudor times.


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