Iceni Coin Iconography Reassembled

This is cool. The Iceni tribe of East Anglia had their own Mediterranean-inspired coinage c. 50 BC to AD 60. But the coins were always smaller than the dies. In his new book, John Talbot has identified coins from the same die, photographed them with the lighting from the same relative angle, and stitched the pics together — recreating almost complete images that nobody has seen in 2000 years! (From Current Archaeology.)


Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

18 thoughts on “Iceni Coin Iconography Reassembled”

  1. That’s a great bit of work! It’s always interesting to see the crudity of those old coins. Not so much the artwork, which is often beautiful, but the way they look as though they’ve been stamped onto random nuggets.


    1. It says the coins were always smaller than the dies (so you wouldn’t get a full imprint of the die on any individual coin), and the picture is a composite of three coins to obtain a full die image, hence the odd shape.


  2. (OT)
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  3. Chinese TV will make a local version of “Äkta Människor”.
    – – –
    And Hongkong censors have a big problem with the latest book by a well-known Japanese author (haven’t read it, cannot judge).
    – –
    Xenophobia party of Sweden wants to limit funding to SMHI -the meterological authority- because they think the warnings of climate change are exaggerated.
    This while we suffer a record heat vawe with the most forest fires ever. ..


    1. HK Chinese are normatively sexually conservative, and always have been, and the censors are no exception – they work to what they think is or is not socially acceptable in HK, and they get it pretty right. I don’t know anything about the book, but I read in the English language news that it’s actually pretty mild by modern Western standards.

      Watching UK TV shows like QI and Cats Does Countdown always surprises me wrt language, dirty jokes, etc. They would cause general public outrage in HK and would be banned by the censors.

      HK is not special. Most of E and SE Asia is similarly conservative, with the exception of Japan.


  4. Yes, I know. “Wave” has the w at the front. My bad.
    – –
    If you want to escape a forest fire by driving on a road inside the fire, you should probably use an electric car. And non-standard tyres. Beware of melting front window.


  5. The quran claims Jews worship Ezra like the Christians worship Jesus.
    Also, it has an odd take on the trinity.
    Father, son and …mother???
    I am beginning to think the omniscient god that dictated stuff to Muhammed was even dumber than Azatoth.


    1. Man made God in his own image. That’s how so many who claim to adhere to Abrahamic faiths envision such a vengeful God while claiming (as both Christianity and Islam do) that they follow a religion of peace.

      It’s not limited to the Abrahamic faiths, either. The gods of Mount Olympus are jerks, too, as are some of the Norse and Hindu gods.

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      1. Yes, the gods get to behave the way humans would like to behave if it wasn’t for laws, morals and societal pressures. Hence the insistence on the “divine right of kings” – it gives the human on the top of the heap carte blanche to misbehave like a god. Mel Brooks was right – “It’s good to be the King.”

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    2. Nah – the omniscient god just had a pretty off-beat sense of humour. Find a prophet, give him a spiel; find another prophet, give him a different spiel… sit back and watch the fun 🙂

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