August Pieces Of My Mind #1

Concert with local band Amason in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art
  • The Spanish basketball team at the 2000 paralympics consisted of two disabled players and ten who only pretended that they were intellectually disabled. 😃
  • A good political party does not modify its ideology to suit popular opinion. It exists to modify popular opinion according to its ideology. And if popular opinion refuses to follow along, then fuck those voters.
  • Watching a really well-made documentary miniseries about Swedish metal music, I realise that I don’t like a lot of Swedish metal music. It’s either too cheesy and wimpy (Europe) or too fast and aggressive (Entombed). The Swedish metal bands that I like are groovier more recent outfits in the Black Sabbath tradition.
  • The Kobo Clara and the Kindle Paperwhite are both excellent e-readers, both book stores are super comprehensive and the prices there are about the same. Buy either! *shrug*
  • For the past 300 years we’ve been making random unintended interventions into the climate. We need to develop geoengineering technology and start doing this in a planned manner.
  • One reason that so little Swedish metal interests me is that most of the vocalists are either operatic tenors, or hysterical Cookie Monster soundalikes, or unmelodic abyss growlers, or even musical theatre singers. I want straight rock voices like Chris Cornell. In fact, I think all Swedish metal would be improved by Björn Skifs replacing the singer.
  • Rarely an indecisive person, I can’t decide right now if it’s worth €48 to see Franz Ferdinand on their farewell tour. It was easier back in the day when you could ask the counter-question, would I buy one of their albums?
  • Observation after three hours the metal documentary: it’s an ethnically diverse field. Few bands have no members with foreign surnames. But they seem to be mostly 2nd generation, sons of immigrants. What music will the children of the Afghan 2015 teen immigrants create?
  • I know what futuristic music sounded like in 1992. What is today’s futuristic music?

Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

2 thoughts on “August Pieces Of My Mind #1”

    1. I like the operatic stuff, though. Regarding foreigners, even Nightwish is no longer purely Finnish, with an Englishman and a Dutch woman now in their ranks. And for a while the Scorpions have had a Polish bassist and a Swedish (son of immigrant) drummer, Mikkey Dee, who used to be with Motörhead.

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